Academic Year 2020-2021

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Is this your first time here?

Welcome to Moodle, Pembrokeshire College's Virtual Learning Environment


You should have been provided a system username and password following your enrolment as a new student or member or staff.  These credentials are the same for your Moodle access.


Your username and password for Moodle are the same as your main system/email credentials.


If you are unable to log in and are receiving an error message including an invalid user/password message please follow these instructions.

All Moodle passwords are linked directly to users' main College system passwords and as such we do not have the ability to change/lookup/reset these on the Moodle Helpdesk.

Staff Password Reset Portal: Click Here

This can only be done by the main IT Helpdesk who you can email by clicking here: Email IT Helpdesk.


Occasionally, you might appear to be logged into other College systems such as email or MyDay but cannot log into Moodle.  This is due to the fact that when passwords expire or become locked, users are usually given a few days 'grace' period to retain access to these features so that they can still access vital systems such as emails (to request support).